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Did you know that over 80% of women in the UK aren't wearing the right bra size?

Maddening, right?

Here is our "Find your fit" guide to help you measure your bra size and ensure you're getting the right one for you.

#1 Make sure you are using a soft, non-stretch, tape measure - this will give you the most accurate measurement.

#2 Have a pen and paper (and possibly a calculator) handy to note down your measurements as you go. There is a bit of arithmetic required between the underbust and cup measurements - they obviously wouldn't make it easy for us!

#3 It's easier (and more accurate) if you do the measuring over an existing everyday bra - ideally a non-padded one - with soft cups.

#4 Measure yourself in front of a long mirror (or your phone with the front-facing camera on). We recommend this because you can see whether the tape measure is sitting level all of the way around.

Step 1: Your band size

Making sure that you are looking at the inches side of your tape measure. Loop it around your ribcage directly under where your boobs are (where your underwiring would sit in a regular bra).

The tape measure should be level all of the way around. With the start of the tape measure sitting just below your sternum.

The number displayed is your band size.

Bra sizing is done in even numbers (don't ask us why). So, if you are between sizes then we would recommend adding 1 inch to the measurement when you note it down on your piece of paper.

Step 2: Your cup size

Next move the tape measure up to around your ribcage at the fullest part of your bust (roughly about where your nipples are).

Make sure that it is just resting on your chest and level all of the way around. There shouldn't be any of it that is cutting into you.

Again, looking at the inches side. Take a note of the number, we'll need it to work out your cup size using the table below.

Step 3: Calculating your bra size

Now that you've got both our underbust and cup measurements, subtract your underbust number from your cup number - this value will help you work out your cup size using the universal sizing table to below.

So, for example, if your underbust measurement is 32 inches and your cup measurement is 41 inches. 41 - 32 = 9in, so you are a 32G.

If you're still not sure, we're always happy to help. Contact us and we'll make sure you get the perfect bra size and fit.

UK bra size chart