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Why we created B.X.M

We have an insatiable desire to create a sense of belonging, by channelling a strong sense of purpose, advocating for, and giving a voice to people with big boobs. Enabling them to embrace their inner warrior queen and let go of their inhibitions when working out.

If you're someone with an E+ cup size, who's done with feeling left out or forgotten about by other ethical activewear brands - we got you!

Our founder

I created B.X.M after years of feeling disenfranchised and excluded from the fitness industry. Who regularly didn’t have a sports bra that catered for her 32GG boobs or support level. Nevermind one that was recycled or ethically made.

Making me feel like it was my body that was the problem, not pretty much all activewear brands not catering for me.

So I decided to create the sports bra brand that I (and so many women like me) wanted to see.

At B.X.M, I have built a business that enables anyone with bigger boobs to move their body however and wherever they damned well please. Free from inhibitions and judgement. All while making positive a choice for both people and planet.

Lizzie x

Our values

Our values are at the core of everything we do, they are what we hold ourselves accountable to both in business and in life. 


We’re sick of buxom women being sexualised just because they have big boobs, so we’re taking a stand!

You’ll find no objectification or judgement here, only a celebration of raw female power.

Be seen + heard

Our story is your story. So we’ve created a safe and inclusive space for people with bigger boobs.

We will only ever use women like you in our photoshoots, social media and marketing. We will never photoshop or edit bodies, realness is the name of the game here.

And are constantly seeking and taking on feedback from the fuller bust community. To ensure they have a voice and a platform.

Raw Truth

We’re not here to bullshit you.

That means regularly auditing our supply chain to make sure we are as clean and green as possible. Radical transparency on what is in our bras and how they are made.

Only working with suppliers to pay fairly and actively care about the planet

We won’t be pandering to trends, and will only ever release new pieces if there is a real demand for them.


It’s not about what your body looks like, it’s what it can do.

We’re not about new year new me, fitness fads, and generally making you feel a bit shit about your body.

Strength and power is what we’re here for. And all of the additional benefits it brings, whether that is carrying a chest of drawers up the stairs, being able to sprint for the bus, or feeling that endorphin high.