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BXM best sports bra brand for bigger busts
BXM best sports bra brand for bigger busts

Our Story

BXM best sports bra brand for bigger busts

Our founder, Lizzie, created B.X.M after feeling frustrated about being left behind by other sustainable sportswear brands, who regularly didn’t have a sports bra that caters for her size or support level.

So, she created the sports bra brand that she (and so many women like her) want to see. Not only one that made sports bras that were comfortable, supportive and fit well, but one that was good for both people and planet.

At B.X.M, we believe strongly that every woman, regardless of her body shape and bra size, should feel great when working out.

We have made it our mission to create supportive, adjustable and consciously made sports bras that enable exactly this.

BXM best sports bra brand for bigger busts

Our Mission

We want to help buxom women let go of their inhibitions when working out. With our supportive, fully adjustable and consciously made sports bras.

We have an insatiable desire to create a sense of belonging, not through community, but by channelling a strong sense of purpose, advocating for, and giving a voice to big-boobed women.

If you're someone with an E+ cup size, who's sick of feeling left out or forgotten about by other ethical activewear brands - we got you!

Our values

Our values are at the core of everything we do, they are what we hold ourselves accountable to both in business and in life. 

Anti-sexy - We’re bored of buxom women being sexualised just because they have big boobs, so we are taking a stand! You’ll find no objectification here, only celebration of raw female power. 

Living Uninhibited - We want you to know that you can do anything, helping you let go of those inhibitions and move your body however and wherever you want.

Integrity - We’re an ethical and moral company, that means; regularly auditing our supply chain to make sure they are as clean and green as possible, only working with suppliers who fairly pay staff and actively care about the planet; constantly looking for ways to make our brand better for everyone.

Raw truth - We don’t shy away from being transparent and saying it like it is. We will always be honest. We don’t care if it gets in the way of sales.

Sweat – We’re celebrating sweat and shunning sweatshops. Normalising having images of sweatiness on our website and in all of our communications.