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The B.X.M Story

The B.X.M Story

We thought it was only right to use our first blog post to introduce ourselves, so read on and get acquainted with who we are and what we do for women who just happen to have bigger boobs…

We exist because big brands slacked off

Our founder Lizzie never planned on launching her own brand. She knew women with big boobs like her were in dire need of a supportive sports bra that was also eco-friendly, but she figured one of the big brands would get round to it eventually. Once 10 years had passed and still nada, she realised she was just going to have to do it herself. PSA to all the sports brands out there - what are you all doing??? Women with E+ cups exist and they like exercising and being eco-conscious too….

We’re reclaiming the word Buxom

Did you know that B.X.M stands for Buxom? Lizzie chose the name because she wanted to take a word with negative connotations and reframe it as something positive. Being referred to as a ‘buxom blonde’ has often garnered the image of someone hypersexualised like Marylin Monore who leads men astray, but the word buxom actually means being ‘lively or good tempered’.

Being a buxom women is nothing be ashamed of, so we’ve made it our goal to help reframe the word and get big breasted women saying #iambuxom

We know boobs, and what they need

Our team is made up of women of all shapes and sizes but yes, a few of us do have big boobs. That makes us the perfect brains for creating the ultimate sports bras for fuller busts. We spent months deciding on everything from strap width to cup shape and finally settled on two supportive styles that really do the job.

We are launching with one medium and one high impact sports bra, both of which feature unique soft boning that work almost like a corset to hold everything in place (don’t worry, it’s not at all uncomfortable). They also feature adjustable thick hook and eye straps, so you have some heavy duty lifting help, and soft cups that help wick away sweat.

We’re not like other brands

Alongside their innovative design, our bras are different because they’re made with ECONYL®. What’s that? Well it’s an infinitely recyclable material made from discarded ocean plastic and unwanted fabric scraps. So while our bra is supporting your boobs, it's also supporting the planet by helping to clear its oceans and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Smart, really.

We want you to join us

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are created for big boobed women, by big boobed women, and we really hope you’ll love our bras. They don’t have to be worn for exercise (altho wearing two normal bras to the gym does seem kind of silly now Buxom exists). If you like feeling secure and uplifted, why not wear your Buxom bra everyday? When you’re out and about? Or at work? We know we do... Shop our first two styles here and let us know what you think.