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Sports bra impact levels explained

Three women standing, two wearing high impact bras and one wearing a medium impact bra.

We’re here to decode confusing sports bra terms, and first up is ‘impact’. Impact essentially means the amount of bouncing your boobs will do as a result of an exercise. So the higher the impact level of the bra, the better it is at stopping your boobs from moving around. Keep reading for the ultimate rundown on how to figure out which level of support you need from your B.X.M bra.

High impact sports bras

A high impact sports bra offers the most secure amount of compression, and is great at stopping your boobs from bouncing around. The style is usually worn when doing exercises that involve jumping, like HIIT, skipping, hurdles or even sprinting. Our high impact bra for fuller busts is called Limitless and is designed to keep everything in place no matter how much movement it is going on. It has double back straps to keep things super secure and sturdy hook and eye shoulder straps to uplift your boobs and keep them out of the way for your workout.

Medium impact sports bras

If you want to loosen things up a little, you might prefer a medium impact sports bra. They offer less compression than high impact styles and are often bigger boobed women’s go-to choice for everyday underwear. They still do a great job at keeping everything in place and are perfect for less cardio intense sports like golf, hiking or weight training. Our medium impact sports bra for fuller boobs is called Fearless. It's designed with a flattering scoop neck and a racerback for a more relaxed take on a sports style. It still features our signature elasticated seams and thick underband though, so you can be sure that you’ll feel secure all day long.

Low impact sports bras

If you’ve got big boobs, chances are you won’t be able to comfortably work out in a low impact sports bra, but for those with smaller breasts these can be a great choice. If you’re looking for something to wear to lounge around or sleep in however, you can’t get much more comfortable than a low impact style. Some people also like to wear them when doing stretching, yoga or pilates, but it really all is down to your personal preference.

Finding your perfect fit

It’s estimated that 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong bra size, which isn’t surprising. The information on sports bras out there is so confusing, and with every brand measuring things slightly differently it can quickly become overwhelming. Take a look at our size guide here to work out which B.X.M bra would work best for your body shape.

Ready to hit the gym but only just realised you might need a new sports bra? That’s what we’re here for. Browse our styles and find your perfect match here. Time to get sweaty.