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Boob mythbusting - Bra Fittings, do you need to get your boobs out?

Boob mythbusting - Bra Fittings, do you need to get your boobs out?

One of our primary missions at B.X.M is to get you talking and thinking about your breasts. The first and, frankly, most important step to this is arming you with as much knowledge about them as we can. 

As part of that, we’ve decided to create a series of blog posts dedicated to some of the most common myths and questions we hear when it comes to breasts, bras and fittings. 

For this post, we’re delving into the world of bra fittings

Demystifying the bra fitting process and ensuring you know you don't need to get naked as part of it. 

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How often should I be going for a fitting?

You might already know that you should be getting your bra size checked, ideally with a bra fitting, every 6-9 months (we bang on about it enough). Even more regularly if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. 

This is a shame-free zone, we’ve all neglected to get our bra size checked at some point. 

I’m worried about having to get my boobs out in front of a stranger…

Pretty much all bra fittings will start with you in the original bra you came in wearing. 

The fitter will take both your underband and cup measurements over the top of your bra using a sanitised flexible tape measure. They are given extensive training to make sure they are measuring in a way that is avoiding touching anywhere that could be uncomfortable (e.g. nipples). 

If at any point you feel uncomfortable or something feels a bit too much or inappropriate, let them know and they should stop. 

Also, if you would rather not take your top off, most bra fitters will do the initial measurements over a tight-fitting t-shirt or vest.  

Woman standing with her back to us, hands raised in a "what?" expression, wearing a BXM Unlimited high impact sustainable sports bra
How does a bra fitting appointment work? 

There are 3 main components of a good bra fitting. 

First, the fitter will take your measurements. They will usually ask you to take your top off so you’re just in your bra, or a fitted t-shirt/vest - depending on what you are most comfortable in. 

Second, they will give you a couple of bras to try on. The sizes they offer will be based on their measurements and their assessment of how well your current bra fits you. 

Don’t be concerned if the first couple of options they give you don’t feel quite right - on either the cup or the underband. Finding the right fit can sometimes be more of an art than a science. 

When you are trying on the bras, the fitter will usually step out of the room/cubicle and leave you to get yourself into the new bra - asking you to either give them a shout or ring the bell to call them back.

Once you are in, they’ll come and do things like adjust the straps and check the fit on both the underband and the cup. 

Finally, once you’ve got your size, they will give you some different shapes/colours to try - depending on what they have available. 


Is there a better time to go for a bra fitting? 

If you are someone who gets a monthly period, you might notice that your boobs are tender and potentially bigger the closer you get to when your period is due. 

With this in mind, we’d suggest going for a fitting the week you are on your period or the one after. This way you’ve not a) got someone anywhere near your boobs when they are painful, and b) are going to get a bra fit that is truer to your natural breast size. 

Where do I go for a fitting?

There are lots of different companies that offer both in-person and online bra fittings. 

Personally, we think in-person is better as you can often try on a few different size and shape options. 

Most large retailers will offer a bra fitting service, our favourites are: 

  • Marks and Spencer
  • John Lewis 
  • Bravissimo 

If you head to the lingerie department/cash desk when in-store and say that you would like a bra fitting, they should be able to put you in the right direction.

Depending on how busy they are, you may need to book in for an appointment later in the day. 

There are also lots of local lingerie retailers that will also offer fittings, so we’d suggest having a bit of a google if you’d prefer to go somewhere local/don’t have any of the stores mentioned above near you. 

How long will a bra fitting appointment take? 

There is no specific length, however, most will usually last a maximum of 30 minutes plus any time you’d like to spend browsing. 

Should I wear anything specific?

The only thing you really need to wear is a bra, either wired or non-wired. 

If you’re wearing a jumpsuit or dress, you might want to also take a pair of shorts/leggings you can put on.

 I have small boobs, do I really need a bra fitting?

In short, yes!

Anyone who has natural breasts, no matter what size they are, should be going for regular bra fittings. 

Your boobs have no muscle inside them, so they need a well-fitting bra to help support them. 


We really hope you've found this blog article useful, stay tuned for future boob myth-busting posts.